At FITSOM classes cater to all fitness levels. We have lots of classes to choose from, but if you don't see a time slot that suits you, please chat to us about adding it to the timetable here> 


FITSOM offer private PT sessions for clients who would like more specific workout routines, or particular time slots. 

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Class types

Outdoor full body training for all fitness levels. Start your morning off with a strength and conditioning circuit. Focusing on movement quality to improve performance, plyometrics, speed and agility, mobility, core stability, and endurance. We utilise both equipment, our local environment, and stationary mat training to ensure you get a unique workout every session. Bootcamp sessions take place at Kitchener Park, Mona vale near the club house at 6am.  
CIRCUIT sessions (monday)


Kicking the week off with high fives (or air pumps ‘due to covid’) and positive vibes. Working in pairs or small groups to produce a motivation gain that allows you to hold that plank a little longer, or push that little bit further. Full body, functional circuits in a community environment to add a huge boost of motivation beyond the one that comes with the physical benefits of a workout, especially great for those who find it hard to stay committed. The positive vibes are infectious and spread throughout the class like wildfire, creating a positive attitude and environment for the whole class. 

HIIT (tuesday)

We have our timer ready, so get set. Our HIIT circuits involve interspersing short bursts of intense exercise with rest periods. Especially beneficial for improving mental,  cardiovascular and metabolic health. Targeting both the anaerobic energy system, and the aerobic energy system, these circuits will help you to reach your peak performance, using a mix of AMRAPS, EMOMS and TABATAS. 

STRENGTH (Wednesday)


Functional, full body strength training to help people get stronger in their everyday movement patterns. We focus on moving your body in a way that recruits multiple muscle groups at once to improve coordination, focus, and core strength. These important skills will help you in your everyday activities and in the gym, allowing you to move more purposefully and confidently. 




An all encompassing class focusing on cardiovascular fitness, and muscular endurance. Both cardiovascular fitness, and muscular endurance are integral for maintaining good heart health, protection from injury and weight management. We incorporate a mix of CHIPPER, 300, and RING OF FIRE circuits to name a few.   


These classes focus on movement quality to improve performance, plyometrics, speed and agility, mobility, core stability, and endurance. Developing better movement patterns helps to prevent injury, both in the gym and in everyday life. Strength and conditioning is a great way to transform your body and get the endorphins pumping. 


SUPER CIRCUIT (saturday)


A full body mixed circuit. Varied styles each week to kickstart your weekend. Combining strength and conditioning, HIIT, and body weights and machines to get you a unique workout each week! 

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Your pass will be vaild for 2 weeks from your first session!